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Scribner Polished Brass Notepad - Large

Scribner Polished Brass Notepad - Large

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Inspired by a French notepad holder made in 1930 and designed for use in restaurants and hotels. Ours is updated with a bit of industrial style with addition of a wingnut to hold the bar which secures the notepad in place. Comes with a stylish Pendulux notepad (replacement pads are available). Available in brushed solid brass or polished nickel over brass construction.

MATERIALS: Polished brass

DIMENSIONS: 2” H x 7" W x 10" D

WEIGHT: 2.10 lbs

SHIPPING: FREE SHIPPING. Shipping is within 2-4 business days of your processed order via FedEx ground from the supplier in Richmond, CA.

THE BRAND - Pendulux, creates a collection of goods that evokes iconic destinations and time periods throughout history, showcasing styles both antiquated and modern. They bring a love of things historic, functional and beautiful to all of their designs. Pendulux pieces are borne of industrial, nautical and militaristic influence, yet they simultaneously reflect an admiration for the products and styles of ages past. The design team creates hundreds of historically inspired reproductions sold by fine retailers around the world. Made in the USA, with workshops in Richmond, California, the team collaborates to create and market unique products.

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